Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I found this great story to share about etiquette at the vet's office. A lot of it was just common sense but I can't find it. The website is It's an ok site but not my fav. I have a few gripes about it and you can read about that on Arlo's Page.

So here's my Petiquette at the Vet for you:

1. Be on time.

2. Maintain control of your animal in the waiting room. Those retractable leases DO NOT give you free rein to torture everyone with your obedience school drop-out.

3. Yes my dogs are cute but PLEASE ask before you go and pet them.

4. Let the vet and the vet tech handle your dog(s) in the office. That is their job. Yours is to stand back and let the examination happen. If you act all stressed so will your dog.

I can't think of others right now and I'm sure there is a few more I have forgotten. If I find the article I'll post it later.

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