Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fatty Fatty Two x Four

Arlo and Minnie had a very busy day yesterday. I rushed home from work to take Arlo to my fabulous vet to get him updated on his shots. (Minnie came along for the ride.) Can I just say I LOVE everyone at Fleur Pet Hospital! It is always a good experience there. I could not ask for more.

My little buddy did awesome yesterday. He didn't even flinch when he got all of his shots. His teeth looked great - the only problem was his weight. Come to think of it - I need to lose a couple of pounds too. Arlo is a Fatty MaGoo at 9lbs!!!! YIKES! He was so great yesterday but today he is definitely feeling it. Poor guy didn't even go downstairs this morning to torment the cats.

Minnie was her usually self. She knows everyone loves her and she was quite the little wigglebutt. So my wallet is a little lighter but my conscience is clear knowing Arlo is healthy. Next month - Minnie. PS - Michelle good luck with everything, I know that I am going to miss you a lot.

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