Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Update

Things are drying out and slowly going back to normal. Since my nephew's field is under water, they played at another field south of DSM. I decided to bring Minnie with me only to find a couple of signs that said, "No Pets". It's a good thing she is so little because she was easily tucked in her bag and all the boys were happy to see her.

The weather was absolutely beautiful the whole weekend so I spent plenty of time outside with the pups. The new tie-out post is working splendidly.


jamie said...

Your dog is cute.

I am majorly depressed about the Buzzard Billy's flood. So long Crappy Beer Night, so long.

Anonymous said...

We have had a miserable couple of weeks here in Iowa. It's cool to see your sunshine pictures of a ballgame and a puppy. thanks! I needed that! GB :)

Kara said...

J - I am soo sad over Buzzard's. RIP Buzzard Billy's

GB - I'm glad you are enjoying the blog. :)

Jackson and Patrick said...

I wish we had a yard to play outside in - there are far too many NO PETS areas! I'm glad you guys are recovering from the storms!