Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Chai Story

I am totally exhausted from work this week. It's great to be busy but leaving work late every night and not leaving for lunch takes it's toll. Hopefully things will slow down after this week.

In the mean time, everyone needs to read this blog, The Chai Story. If you have dog toys you need to be aware that there are companies out there that do not care about the safety of animals. A simple fix in a design flaw would make this ball safe. (The ball needs a smaller hole at opposite of the big hole to prevent the pressure lock.) The Log Cabin Animal Hospital also blogged about a case that they dealt with. Check it out and spread the word.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the warning! I never thought about it, and like you, I love my pup! GB :)

cls-soon-to-be-B said...

ahhh! spike has one of those balls! i'm going to throw it away as soon as i get home!!

Kara said...

scary isn't it? i feel horrible for the people who have had problems.