Monday, September 29, 2008


"Man who killed cat: ‘I did not act intentionally’
Holdout juror prevented guilty verdict in brutal death of ex-girlfriend’s pet"

37-year-old Joe Petcka was on trial for aggravated animal cruelty, a felony, charging that he killed Norman, a 7.5-pound declawed tabby, in an alcohol-fueled rage of jealousy. Petchka, who stands 6-2 and weighs in at 205 pounds.

A veterinarian testified that Norman suffered broken ribs, a ripped lung and liver, chipped teeth and torn tongue. He died shortly after the altercation.


I get the reflex thing but I'm pretty sure he would not have inflicted such damage if it was a true reflex. 205 lbs vs. 7 lbs. He would be in jail if he kicked a baby but one lone (male) hold out prevents this man from being punished.