Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Touching Story

From the House that A-M Built:

"We had a very sad afternoon yesterday. My 10 year old's favourite frog, Pocket, died. She had always been quite placid (looking back now I think she had always been ill....we were sold a crook frog!) but in the last few days she couldn't hold herself up on the walls of the frog terrarium and just before my boy came home from school, she looked like she was on her last legs. My boy decided that he wanted her to die at one with nature......so he washed his hands, tears streaming down his face, gently cradled her in his hands and took her down to the lake. He wanted to be alone, so we left him to grieve. He said she let out a very loud sound, like a cats meow, and then she died in his hands. He placed her in a little hole and covered her with leaves. I have never seen a little boy so distraught. Little brother was crying, "I was his Uncle", and both hubby and I were just bursting with emotion for our boy's grief. I had been watching her all day. It was like she waited for my boy to come home so she could die. I told him that she was a very lucky little frog to have a human love her so much and he said, "her soul is now in my heart". So bye-bye little Pocket, we loved you!"

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