Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Top 5....

Worst television shows ever. I hate everything about these shows. Before you get you panties in a twist. Yes I have watched all of these shows at least once and I still hate them.

Bridezillas - spoiled, self-centered, awful people. Why would I want to even watch this. First off I'm not a big fan of wedding shows and secondly, if someone close to me was acting like this I would punch them in the face.

Jon and Kate - people aren't not meant to have a litter of children. Not to mention Kate is a bitch. I have no sympathy for this family nor any interest in watching them on my TV. It makes me angry to think of all the free things they have received just because she chose to have this enormous family.

Dancing with the Stars - just don't get it.

Survivor and American Idol - enough already. Let's get rid of these tired old shows. There is nothing original about them any more. Time to go!


Anonymous said...

Ok here's my two cents...or three I guess..

1. My Super Sweet Sixteen. Spoiled brats who have no respect for anyone or anything. This should be number one. UGH!

2. Dancing with the Stars. Defined as: Has beens who are looking for their last hope and fame and stardom...most who fail miserably, again.

3. Might have to disagree on the American Idol for the sole fact that watching people crash and burn during the audition episodes is HEEEElarious.

dmb5_libra said...

bridezillas? i cannot stand that show. the men marrying those women don't deserve penises.

my sister loves jon & kate and i simply don't understand it.