Monday, November 24, 2008


I never watch awards shows but last night I had a hour or more to kill before True Blood and Dexter. And I gotta say the AMA's were pretty good. I was skeptical with Christina Aguilera and New Kids on the Block.

But then....

1. Pink was amazing.

2. Annie Lenox, 53 years old and still kicking ass all over the place.

3. Alicia Keyes closed the show with Superwoman.

4. My overall favorite was Sarah McLachlan's duet with Pink. It was truly spectacular.

The not so good....
1. Daughtry. You are a Rock Star reject and an American Idol loser. P.S. Lose the sideburns.

2. Jonas Brothers - don't get it.

3. Kanye - no one on that stage last night is the Beatles nor will they ever be the Beatles. P.S. The 80's called and they want their sunglasses back.

P.S. Why was Miley Cyrus there?

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