Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New's Year Eve

I'm not a big fan of the holiday, but I do enjoy hanging out with friends. So tonight I will be heading over to one of my closest friend's to eat some incredible tacos and drink some beer. Her husband is the BEST cook! I can't wait!

I absolutely love hanging out with my Bestie's friends. This is her small group of friends she has known since grade school. I got to know most of them in college. and gradually through weddings and annual parties Bestie has had through the years. They have totally accepted me as one of the group. And I love them dearly. Now here's the catch....Bestie's husband's best friend and I dated. It didn't work out. In fact, he broke my heart. I am totally over it now but guess who will be there tonight? You got it.

Let's call him Garbage Man. Garbage Man grew up with this group of this people. Bestie has known him since they were in kindergarten. Their backyards backed up to each other. Bestie's husband has been friends with him since high school. All of the guys in the group golf together and hang out on a regular basis. When GM broke my heart they were pissed. I was GM's rebound after he got divorced. (Note to self - never date a guy right after the divorce.) We broke up right before Christmas last year and haven't spoken since.

After we broke up, GM faded away from the friends for a while since he felt so bad about the break up. I didn't go anywhere. So here we are a year later and new year's eve...

Should be interesting to say the least.


jamie said...

Oh geeze. GM is seriously going to be there? Have you even seen him since last year?

travelgirl said...

Best of luck tonight. I know you said you're over him . . . Be strong!!
You'll have fun.

Danielle said...

Sounds interesting. Can't wait for an update. Hope all goes well.

Anonymous said...

So how was it? I'm crossing my fingers that the New Year came in drama free... PS- GM sounds like a jerk.