Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Performing "Air and Simple Gifts", composed by John Williams, Yo-Yo MA, cellist, Anthony McGill, clarinetist, Gabriela Montero, pianist and Itzhak Perlmen, violinist preceded President Barack Obama's oath of office.

One crazy thing I noticed about this amazing group of musicians - they were preforming in very cold weather with instruments that cost millions of dollars. If you think I'm crazy - look it up. If you know anything about wood instruments - you do not, and I repeat, you do not take your 2 million dollar cello out in the cold and play it. It could fall apart. At the very least, it will not stay in tune. I know Yo Yo Ma did not play on his normal cello but his secondary cello has to cost in the millions. Crazy don't you think?

UPDATE: Check out this article regarding the performance.


nana banana said...

Love the music and the video! GB :)

cls-soon-to-be-B said...

LOVED the arrangment - simple gifts may be my most favorite song ever. and yes, i hadn't thought about the cold/wood instruments - but yes, they are crazy!

Kara said...

I loved it too. so pretty and appropriate.

imagine playing the clarinet in 18 degrees. I don't think that would be fun either.

Wally said...

I heard on the news that it was pre-recorded.