Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Jamie is right. I am the least likely to do these things. But I thank her for including me anyway. And a Thank you to A for awarding me the Lemonade Award. It's nice to be thought of. :)

So I guess I'm supposed to tell you a few things about myself that you might not know. As Jamie said, I'm pretty open and honest so I feel like there are no hidden secrets. But here goes....

1. I had false teeth as a youngster. When I was 5 years old the dentist pulled my front 4 teeth because they were rotten. That's what happens when there is no fluoride in the water. And that was just the beginning of my crazy relationship with the dentist. Most of my appointments growing up ended in tears. You would never know that today since I have very nice teeth.

2. I love gadgets and technology. I really should be a guy.

3. I love movies geared toward 13 year old girls. I will use my niece as a rouse just to go see them. And yes - I will be seeing Hotel for Dogs as soon as it comes out.

4. I love cars! (Again I should be a guy.) I go to car shows and I would love to have a vintage car at some point in my life.

That's about it. I really can't think of anything else that interesting to tell you. And I will tag any lurkers who read my blog.
UPDATE: Beth tagged me today so I have to think of a couple of new things.

5. I am a Star Wars freak. I actually saw it 10 times in the movie theater.
6. I competed in the Junior Olympics in Tae Kwon Do and have a 3rd place medal in sparing. I have a brown belt. And if I tried to do any moves to today I am sure I would hurt myself badly.


jamie said...

A+ for effort! :) I'm impressed, actually!

Anonymous said...

2. I love gadgets and technology.

There should be more women like you.

Kara said...

I love DIY too! Sexy huh?

Anonymous said...


TheCynicalOptimist said...

Ok, 6 is good! That is so awesome about the Olympics, you're such a Rockstar!