Thursday, June 18, 2009

5 things

Averill tagged me in her lovely blog today to share some uninteresting things that I love...

I love my pups! They are by far my favorite things...animals...whatever. I love them dearly and they make me laugh everyday. Although I wasn't laughing last night when Arlo decided to run away from me in the yard and sprint down the street. A rare occasion but he knew I was pissed.

I love my Bath and Body lip gloss. Cranberry cocktail is my favorite color. It seems to go with everything, it smells great and it isn't sticky.

I love vintage pottery. My rule when buying is...must not cost more than $10 and it must be blue or blue/green.

I love junk food. I frequent McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy's. I love my cheeseburger and fries - what can I say.
I love tea! I drink tea like most people drink coffee. I loved traveling abroad this year. It was so awesome that tea was offered before coffee.

Have a great weekend everyone!! I'm taking the day off tomorrow. I am hanging out with my friend Con so no post on Friday.


Averill said...

Great favs! I came *this* close to including my dachshund, but then I decided she was in fact interesting. ;)

Have a great long weekend, Kara -- so jealous!

simpledaisy said...

Nice favorites!! I love the little bird pottery and your two pups of course!!

Dreams and Designs said...

Let's make a road trip down to New Virginia one of these Saturdays to go to Vintage Home & Garden store. It's a consignment store owned by my friend!