Wednesday, June 10, 2009

AT update

So I have been watching the comments on Apartment Therapy about my place....
When I took pictures of my patio I had only planned on using them on my blog. Sorry they are a little wacky. Straight on pictures are a little boring at times. I tried to make them interesting.

Arlo and Minnie are chihuahuas. Arlo is at least 8 lbs. And he is a sun worshiper. He would rather sunbathe on the sidewalk or driveway than lay on the grass in the shade under the tree. (Minnie is only 3 lbs.)

One thing that is hard to deal with on my little patio is the lack of space and my air conditioner unit takes up at least a third of the patio. So all things considered, I think it's a pretty good job. Most people in my neighbor don't even use their space. I would like to add a half umbrella at some point and a rug for some color. But other than that, it's a pretty good place to read a book and have a glass a wine while the dogs play in the grass.

So there you have it - My 15 seconds of fame is almost over. Thanks for stopping by.


Roeshel said...

They're so adorable! I love them!

Now off to check out your feature!

anna garrett said...

I think Arlo and Herky are long lost brothers! Herky is 7.5 lbs and also a sun worshiper, he'll be panting with his tongue out, but still lay in the sun. I'm a (work) friend of Boyds and have been occassionally following your blog for a while now.

Kara said...

Anna - so glad to hear you are still reading. The chis love their sun don't they!