Friday, June 26, 2009


Read Apartment Therapy - The Eight Step Home Cure the other night. While I don't need this for my house. I think others could totally benefit from it. I plan to help my sister do this with her house. 4 kids and a husband make for a crazy household.
There were definitely things I totally agreed with Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan. I truly believe if you house isn't in order then your life isn't in order. And when one thing falls into place then other things follow. Here's a few quotes from the book that I thought were pretty powerful:
"Like the body, the home should be thought of as a living organism. Healthy homes are home that consume carefully and get regular exercise...."
"Over attachment to possessions is one of the most powerful habits that you will encounter during the Cure."
"But when we take something new into our home, we rarely let go of something else. This is how our home gains weight, grows unhealthy, and begins to nag at us. Not only have we created some new diseases, we've even created new doctors to treat our problem. Professional organizers and home disaster specialists have sprung up only recently, and their job is to help us sort and manage our extra weight.
Most of us aren't in need of more organizing; we need to manage our consumption, let go of our stuff and learn how to restore life to our homes."
Maxwell creates a whole system to gain control of your house. To me, it totally makes sense. I don't have a huge problem with clutter. I have a closet that needs to be cleaned and a few cabinets that are a little full. Having grown up with a couple of pack rats, who moved city to city with boxes that were never opened and gone through, I get a little bonkers if there is a lot of clutter around. (Some of these boxes were full of baby clothes when I was a teenager. Who was my mother saving this crap for?) I do have a few things that I have saved just because...because if I got rid of it my mom would be pissed. I'm a 40 year old woman and yet I worry about that. Crazy I know!
I digress...The book is a quick read and easy to follow - I highly recommend it.

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