Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dinner & Dish

Last night for the first time in over a year we had all the members of Dinner & Dish present. Andrea just had to go to Iraq to fight for our country. You would think after being called up two other times she would have been like, "No, no - You go." But of course she didn't and off to war she went. Well it was great to see her and catch up on all the crazy events of the last year.
Alison made us way too many treats. I think my favorite was the fried mac and cheese balls. She had a couple of dips, mini cheese balls, crackers, cookies, cake and of course plenty of wine. I brought a bottle of champagne to celebrate Andrea being home. (I'm pretty sure I drank most of it myself.)

Highlights of the night:
Tucker (Alison's youngest boy) put a curse or a spell on us.
Discussion of hair removal.
Liz's get-a-way weekend.
Andrea's war stories.
Kara's vacay.
Deer in the garden.
Alison building a fire. (She wasn't a girl scout.)

After that everything gets a little fuzzy. Great night girls!


Andy said...

You forgot about how Tucker called you "him". (okay and me too...but it's funnier for you!)

Do you know how AWESOME you are??

Kara said...

Was that a highlight? I think that was more of a low light. :)

If I said yes, I do know how awesome I am - then how would that look?? :)

The Andersens said...

So much fun! I love hanging out with you "guys"... ha!:) Always good stories...

The Andersens said...
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The Andersens said...

How did I post twice?!? I must love you guys that much:)

Kara said...

You did, but I deleted the second one because I didn't want you to look like a dork. :)