Saturday, July 18, 2009

And the debate continues...

I spent a lovely evening at my good friend Con's house. Enjoyed a very nice bottle of wine. Sadly not on the new patio because it's FREEZING here. July in Iowa is usually HOT but right now we are in the 60's. So we ate and drank at the island in the kitchen. Very hot topics were discussed. One being whether or not Connie lives in the I leave it to you to decide.

I just want to point out the corn field directly across the street from her driveway. And the beautiful pond in the backyard (if you want to call it a backyard.)

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Maria Killam said...

Hi Kara,
I've tried sending you several emails to respond to your question but they have all come back to me.

I find one of the best colours that works with red brick is a greeny gray--blue works with red but seems to look less organic and natural than a greeny gray.

HC-98 or if you wanted it to read less green, you could go for HC-108. Maybe just a yellowy beige would work as well, it's hard to say not seeing the house, HC-45 Shaker Beige?
Hope this helps,