Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dinner & Dish

Went out to dinner with the Dinner&Dish girls last night - always a good time with these gals. I gotta say the margaritas I had last night were not worth the $8/drink. But the company was good and the food was splendid.

It was the perfect night to sit outside with friends enjoying a beverage or two. I snapped this photo walking back to my car.


Averill said...

Alas, $8 margaritas seem to be par for the course these days -- in NYC, it's $12!!

The Andersens said...

next time you just need to split a pitcher with us... i'm all about the bargain! again, another fun D&D!

Kara said...

Averill - $8 is a little pricey for Des Moines. And I would have gladly paid it if they were awesome. But it wasn't - it was fine. Just fine but not awesome.

Liz - I must have thought I was a high roller last night... or something.

Dreams and Designs said...

Looks like fun. Great pic!