Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things on my mind...

The Kiddos at the Blank Park Zoo, 2008
One of our favorite places to visit.

Congrats to my friend, Mikey and his new job.

Congrats to my friend, Jeremy for buying his first house.

Big time reunion this weekend. Not sure what craziness that will bring.

Need to make time for a spend over with my niece or at least movetime.

Need to clean my disaster of a house. Not looking forward to it after cleaning sorority house on Wednesday night. (Becoming mean old grouchy alumn that I remember so well from my college days.)

Loving the weather right now in Iowa. It's absolutely perfect. Haven't run my air conditioner in a while. My checkbook thanks you Mother Nature.

Sad that summer is coming to a close. Students will be back on campus in about two weeks. Everything changes when students are back.

Missing the kiddos. Really need to plan something fun to do with them before summer is over. Maybe a day at the zoo followed by McDonald's.


Averill said...

I'm so jealous you don't need a/c! It's still hot as hades here...

Btw, what do you teach?

Anonymous said...

Is it bad that I had to read your blog to learn that JJ bought a house? Oops.