Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Patio Update

A little update on Con's patio for you. Doesn't it look amazing?!? I really can't wait to see it with some furniture and plants. But as we all know things happen in stages. I know Con isn't running out right now to buy new chairs. I think she will wait until the end of the season to see if she can get a deal on some things. None-the-less I look forward to hanging out on Con's new patio with a nice glass of wine.

On another note - I met a very interesting fellow at Gray's Lake last night. He was hanging out with his daughter and their little chihuahua, Birthday. (Cute name huh?) We chatted for a little bit and we both said, "Look forward to seeing you tomorrow." Could be interesting since he is totally not my type. (Meaning he's total punk and tattoos and I'm more of the girl-next-door kind of girl.)


stillarockstar said...
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stillarockstar said...

First of all, that patio keeps getting COOLER & COOLER each update! Secondly, I know EXACTLY who you're talking about at Gray's...small world...I tend to see a lot of the same folks & I think that's the guy whose little girl where's a racoon (or some animal) tail when they're out there, LOL! Cute guy..."types" are overrated. ;) I wish I could have been with ya last night...would have MUCH rather been there than in a Counciltucky divorce court. :(

Kara said...

I do too! I went just a little later than I normally do and ran into punk guy. And you are exactly right! It is the same guy. His daughter's name is Harmony. Nice guy.

If you had gone with me I might not have talked to punk guy. ;)

Anonymous said...

Jessica and I saw him one time and she said she sees him every time she goes and what a cute father/daughter combo they are. Daughter always has something fun and funky on. :)