Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I'm a sucker for true crime television shows. My favorite is probably 48 hours. I love how Discovery has a whole channel devoted to Dateline, 48 hours, Real NCIS, Wicked Attraction and a bunch of other crazy crime shows. I can't help it - it's so intriguing how the story unfolds.

Did anyone watch Dateline last night? It was chilling. The story was something that anyone could identify with...feuding neighbors. It all starts with a small thing and then another small thing and so on and so on until it escalates to a couple of homicides and one neighbor spending the rest of his life in jail. The whole altercation was caught on tape by the 911 operator. Educated, smart people who were very involved in the community. Well liked individuals involved in a dispute. It truly was shocking.

I can tell you, I have had my neighbor issues in the past - Neighbor who put up the privacy fence I'm talking about you! This is one of those stories that makes you think about how silly the things you fight about are...I, for one, am glad I know all my neighbors pretty well and think everyone is pretty respectful to each other. You almost have to be when you live in a townhouse. I don't have a moral of the story - I'm pretty sure you can figure it out for yourself.


Deanna said...

How did you forget to add Forensic Files into your grouping of True Crime TV?

Kara said...

You like Forensic Files better than I do!