Thursday, July 2, 2009


Scene: Friends preparing for get-together tomorrow.
Concert and food and drinks.

Beth: Ok, tickets are ordered, $16.50 each, plus my own personal handling fee of $3.50= $20 each.

Kara: My fee “to be seen with me” is $20 – so it’s a wash for me. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Jeremy: You pay people $20 to hang out with u?!?

Kara: No that’s how you get your girlfriends…. $20/hour.

Mike: Bam!

Jeremy: I wish they were that cheap!

I think Jeremy wins that round....
Facebook Conversation Update:

Kara: Looking forward to Nitefall on the River tonight!

Beth: Me too!

Jeremy: I don't know. I guess it will be ok.

Mike: Comment Explanation: Kara and Beth are excited because they'll be attending with two of the best looking guys in Iowa. Although Sister Hazel is one of JJ favorites, he says it will be "ok" because he has to go with Kara and Beth.


clsb said...

lol - i like when your stories are about people i know...
have a blast!
pun completely intended... ;)
i'll just be a few blocks away enjoying the sweet sounds of the symphony!

clsb said...
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