Friday, July 3, 2009

Nitefall on the River

Last night my good friends and I decided to get together. We started the evening at a lovely restaurant, Dos Rios. The food was excellent and the drinks were quite adequate. For having over 100 different tequilas I would expect a better margarita.

I can't remember why Beth was scolding JJ. It probably had something to do with him not committing to something.

Mikey met us at the concert.

Beth's sunglasses broke. Which was quite a tragedy since the sun was so bright.

This is such a great place for concerts. Sister Hazel was our concert of choice. They put on a pretty good show I must say.

It was so much nicer when the sun finally went down. And so pretty too.

Wish I would have brought my real camera. But not too shabby for a cell phone.

A great night was had by everyone and I'm glad we left when we did. Recovery might be a little slow today.


Danielle said...

So JEALOUS you got to see Sister Hazel! I was sad when I figured out I was going to be gone for the concert. I love them!

stillarockstar said...

wish i could have joined you guys...glad it looks like you had fun!