Monday, July 20, 2009


After you left, Rupert went for a huge roll of super strong plastic and they made a slip n slide that went from the house to the bottom of the hill. I WANTED to try it... but that was going to lead to no good. So, maybe next time..... I'm afraid, had you still been here, we would have both been on the slide!

You know I love the country/small town life. Where else can you find a tractor in your front yard? I think we would have broke a hip on that slip & slide... Not to say I wouldn't have tried it.

Other topics of discussion from yesterday:
1. How much money a 1A school should spent on a football field.
3. My choice of a recent fling.
4. The things I endured as an Athletic Trainer in college.
5. My choice in the route I drove to my friend Con's house.
6. And of course.... Why I am not married?

(Mind you all the topics focused on me were brought up by the men of the group.)


stillarockstar said...

Were any of these men focusing conversation on you potential suitors?

Kara said...

Oh no! All the men there were married to the woman I rode with that weekend. One guy was a friend from college who just can't believe I not with someone. I guess that's a compliment, right?

Averill said...

Now I'm much SHOULD a 1a school spend on a football field? I feel like in TX at least, the size of the school is inversely proportional to its football expenditures/obsession.

Kara said...

Oh Averill - In Iowa we are no where near the craziness of football in Texas. There seems to be a good balance of expecting strong academics AND strong athletic programs.

But with that said millions of dollars are spent on the newest fields here. This 1A school is building a $2.7 million field.