Monday, July 20, 2009

The List

So, of course, the conversation of why I am not married came around to what do I want, what am I looking for, would I consider, blahblahblah....things that seem so easy to ask but not so easy to answer when you are someone of a certain age, who is single. Because it just comes down to...I don't know...I just haven't met the right person. With that said here's a little list.

I want to be with someone who:

  • thinks I am truly amazing.

  • thinks I am beautiful. cute and sexy works too.

  • loves that I am a dork and loves my quirky side.

  • reads books. He doesn't have to read as much as I do, but actually likes to pick up a book once and a while.

  • is sarcastic like me and has quick wit.

  • puts his hand on the small of my back to guide me out of a restaurant.

  • when he looks at me, he does that smile that you just know what he's thinking. You know the one...

  • smart would be good too.

  • likes to hold hands.

  • calls or texts me just to say hi how's your day going.

  • does those little things for me when I least expect it.

  • confident and easy going.

I guess what it really comes down to I want to be with someone I enjoy being with, have fun with and someone who appreciates all that I am. Someone who just gets me. (I am complicated at times. I admit it.) I just want to meet a great guy who thinks I am pretty great and wants to hang out with me for a very long time. That's the guy I would marry.

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Averill said...

Love your list -- it's pretty much what I was looking for, too (and I think I found). You're absolutely right not to settle. The folks who do just end up right back in the singledom anyway, only much MUCH worse for the wear.